Wire harnesses

We produce both pure cables and cable harnesses with connectors as well as cable harness assemblies with switches, sensors and various peripheral components.


Thanks to extensive production capacities in our plant in Romania, we can provide an optimal harness solution for a wide variety of product groups and applications.


Our cables and wiring harnesses connect peripheral components with control units in the vehicle.


  • Seat belt buckle switch cables and wiring harnesses
  • Sensor cables and wiring harnesses
  • Cables for electronic and lighting compon

Scope of application

The wiring harnesses are used in vehicle seats, restraint systems, spoiler applications, convertible roofs, dashboards and many other applications and ensure interference-free signal transmission in the vehicle. With resistance coding of peripheral components, even cable breaks in the control unit can be reliably detected.

Swiss Arbeitgeber Award – Top Arbeitgeber 2022