Position sensors

Our position sensors are used in convertible roofs, spoilers, door lock systems and many other kinematic systems in vehicles.


Our position sensors, whether proven standard products or customized new developments, always meet the highest requirements and are specifically adapted to our customers applications through simulations.


We offer products for high-precision non-contact positioning for various vehicle applications thanks to the use of state-of-the-art sensor technologies.


  • Position switches
  • Position sensors
  • Rotation sensors
  • Multiturn sensors
  • Magnetic holder
  • Cable assembly

Scope of application

Our sensors are used in various kinematic systems in the vehicle.


Chassis: convertible tops, rear spoilers, front diffusers, door handles, tailgates, latches


Interior: luggage compartment partition, seat belt remover, replacement for micro/reed switches, hydraulic cylinders, front and rear seats

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