Electronics / Lightings

We develop and produce state-of-the-art electronic and lighting solutions aimed at improving safety and comfort in vehicles.


Our wide range of products, including integrated light bars in the steering wheel and lighting for charging flaps in electric vehicles, make a significant contribution to enhancing the functionality and design of modern automobiles.


Our products are characterized by advanced technology, high quality and tailor-made design to meet the safety and comfort needs of the automotive industry.


  • Steering wheel integrated light bars
  • Illuminated airbag emblems
  • Child seat lighting system
  • Backlit haptic button for Robotaxi door opening (exterior)
  • Illumination for EV charging flaps
  • Light modules for seat belt buckles
  • Voltage converter
  • Cable assembly

Scope of application

Our electronics and lighting are used in a wide range of applications in the automotive industry to increase the safety and comfort of vehicle occupants. From interior design to exterior vehicle lighting, our products improve the functionality and aesthetics of modern vehicles and thus play a decisive role in increasing user-friendliness and safety standards.


Swiss Arbeitgeber Award – Top Arbeitgeber 2022