Seat sensors

Our seat position sensors are used as safety-relevant components in the detection of the vehicle seat position.


In close consultation with our customers, we simulate and optimize the sensor function directly in the respective seat structure, enabling us to develop and produce high-precision products at the lowest possible cost.


We supply innovative and contactless seat position sensors for various applications in the vehicle seat.


  • Seat Track Position Sensors (STPS) for detecting the front / rear seat position
  • STPS-TriPo (Triple Position) for detecting the front / center / rear seat position
  • STPS-Linear for absolute position detection on the seat track
  • Seat sensors for detecting the seat backrest angle
  • Seat sensors for detecting the angle of inclination of the seat surface
  • Cable assembly

Scope of application

Our advanced seat sensors are specifically designed for various vehicle seats, seat structures and seat rails to enable non-contact position sensing. These high-precision sensors provide real-time position information to the control unit, which is crucial for occupant safety. They are effectively used for staged airbag deployment to provide optimum protection in the event of an accident.

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