Buckle switches

Our belt buckle switches are used in vehicles to detect the situation belt fastened / belt unfastened.


Innovative designs and highly automated manufacturing processes ensure the highest product quality at the lowest cost.



For our customers belt systems and belt buckles, we offer a reliable, cost-optimized detection of the lock statuses of different switch technologies.


  • Resistance-coded buckle switches
  • Uncoded buckle switches
  • Hall-based buckle switches
  • Slider-based buckle switches
  • Wireless buckle switches
  • Cable assembly

Scope of application

Our products make a significant contribution to your safety in the vehicle. The signals from our belt buckle switches are evaluated by the control unit and depending on occupancy and vehicle type, used to control hold-on, start / stop, handbrake and classic sound and light warnings. In addition to the normal warning function, a diagnosable belt buckle switch can be used in a traffic accident to control the airbag.

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